GTA Fleet Solutions has dedicated staff that will source and secure the vehicle(s) you need for your fleet.

We’ll not only source vehicles from within Canada but we’ll also search the United States for your vehicle needs.

New Vehicles:

We have access to every new car dealership’s inventory in Canada & the United States. If the vehicle’s manufacturer has your vehicle instock anywhere – including pool stock at an upfitter – we’ll find it.

Used Vehicles:

If a brand new vehicle doesn’t fit your budget we’ll source a pre-owned vehicle for your fleet.  Even if a new vehicle is in your budget but you’re looking for a “bigger bang” for your budget dollars, a pre-owned vehicle might just be what you’re looking for.  Our dedicated Procurement Division staff will find what you need, and they’ll find it fast.

Concession Negotiation:

Our dedicated Procurement division has the contacts and market knowledge needed to successfully negotiate special concessions and discounts/rebates with vehicle manufacturers.  A dealership fleet manager might not know about special concessions and rebates available to fleet buyers.  You’ll benefit from our collective buying power.  When we call a manufacturer for a vehicle we’re not calling as single vehicle buyer – we’re calling them as the buyer that has purchased 1000’s of new vehicles since 1992.