Front Line Emergency Vehicles has a dedicated fleet funding division.  We’ve partnered with major Canadian Banks, Leasing Companies and Private Lenders to help you get the funding solution you need.

We’ll get you an interest rate that will not only be competitive but will usually be lower than our competition.

Our leases are true leases – NO monthly “admin” fees or added costs.  All of our leases and finances are true “No Penalty” contracts with absolutely no penalty for early payout.  That includes paying only the interest on the funds as you used them. For example – if a vehicle needs to be paid out due to collision – you’ll receive a 100% credit towards your payout amount for all of the interest on the balance owing.

Even if you choose to buy your vehicle(s) from another supplier allow us to quote you on your fleet funding needs.

Let us give you a no hassle or obligation quote you on your next lease or finance.