Front Line Emergency Vehicles has the inventory, staff, contacts and industry knowledge to get you the vehicles & personnel you need – on time & on budget.

We stock modern, fully functional emergency vehicles.  Whether it’s a police vehicle, an ambulance or a fire truck – we stock the vehicles you need.  If, by chance, we don’t have what you need – we know where to get it.

We also employ emergency services personnel for all of your shoot/set needs

-       police officers & police vehicles for security
-       fire fighters & fully equipped fire trucks for fire safety
-       EMTs, Paramedics, Nurse Practitioners & ER Doctors for set safety.

Front Line Emergency has partnered with Safe Lane & Event Medic to provide complete set/location fire and medical safety for your production.

Our staffs of professional Firefighters are from local fire departments and are trained for any task where their skills will be needed. Our trucks are modern, fully equipped and ready for any situation. Whether it’s a simple fire prevention task or a knock down of a staged explosion – we have the equipment & crew to do the job right.  Our staff will meet with your production staff and prior to the shoot and lay out a proper plan of action for your needs.

Our staff of professional Paramedics, Nurse Practitioners and Doctors has the skills, knowledge and accreditation needed for any medical situation. Our modern and fully equipped ambulance is fully stocked and able to accommodate any emergency that arises.  In addition all of our teams carry defibrillators & fully stocked mobile bags that help in their mobility and allow them to rapidly respond when called upon.

We also benefit from a major fact that our staff of medical professionals is legally able to prescribe and/or administer drugs on site. This advantage reduces the need for your staff to leave the set for treatment of minor ailments such as a headache.  In a situation involving serious medical situations – time is of the essence. Having professional medical staff on hand saves lives.

Let our staff meet with your set/location staff to assess your medical personnel and equipment needs.